Concert Metropolitan Room NYC

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November 2013 I played my first gig in NYC, in the metropolitan room in Manhattan. A full hour concert with all original songs. Really exciting! I spend a lot of time working out the program, doing the marketing and preparing the show.

This opportunity arrived last year, when I went – after a long day of recording sessions – with bass player Ray Parker to a show in the Metropolitan room NYC. Annie Ross was performing. I am big fan of her, so I was really excited to see it. Ray was friends with JP the sound engineer and after the show we all had a drink. He listened to my cd – polaroid – and thought it was so nice that he told the programmer. So it happened, my first gig in NYC… I planned for November.

My wish was to play with Florian Weber who I met in NYC when he was playing a show with – Dutch trumpeter – Eric Vloeimans. Florian liked my compositions and we talked a lot about composing, lyrics and life.

Then it was finally there, that weekend I traveled to NYC, and met up with Florian for a rehearsal on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The concert was on Sunday night and it all went well, but I must say; playing in NYC is a whole different thing. Here are the recordings 🙂

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