Why I started a Patreon Page, and why you should join!

A while ago I started a Patreon page because I wanted to focus more on my art. So this Patreon page is for those who want to help sustain my ability and freedom to ‘Make what I want and when I want‘. And be liberated from commercial interests. I’ll be sharing music videos, projects I’m working on, and previews of unreleased music as well as performance clips.


The other goal is creating sounds to be connected, creative and restorative. For the last years, I’ve been sharing songs, interviews, improvisations, and other creations.


Since I wanted to invite people into my process, a good example is the Free Jams. In these I created some music while in nature, in my home, or in a studio. But, it’s a series of uncut improvisations. And everything recorded using iPad apps, loops, and my KorgR3 synth within these 5 minutes, will be in the video. No edits.

Q&A couch sessions

Another series that I started originally for Patreon was the ‘Q&A couch sessions’. I’ve shared questions with fellow young artists and musicians living in New York. In addition, we met up and played a few songs in my place in Brooklyn, sitting on my blue couch.

I did one with pianist Marius van den Brink, cellist Mariel Roberts, bass player Alexander Luis Gasser Londoño, guitar player and singer-songwriter Eddy Marshall, vocalist Song Yi Jeon, Bassist Jesse Byrom Carter. And see here the one I did with trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis.

In the future I could share educational material, or previews of my next musical projects, or behind the screens of events we do.What do you think I should also share on my Patreon page?

Anyway, this is why I started a Patreon page, I hope this made you want check it out, and support me as a patron on Patreon. For a few bucks a month you can make the difference, and if you support on the higher tiers than you even get postcards or chocolate in your mailbox!!

Find me on Patreon: 
Find me on Patreon – www.patreon.com/vivienneaerts

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