One – Note – Video for International Women’s Day

The beginning of a journey with 100 women and chocolate

For starters, I wanted to put something together that features women in music and celebrate International Women’s Day. So, I’ve asked all my female music friends to send me a video of themselves playing or singing one note, any note, any length. Then I used all these little clips of 40 women to create this piece that will be presented for #ChooseToChallenge & share your sound on International Women’s Day. Watch it here!

Special thanks to :

Anggie Obin / Arianne Abbestee / Ayumi Ishito / Charissa Hoffman / Claudia Obser / Cobbi Brzeski / Elana Ann Hedrych / Ella Joy Meir / Enya Lim / Esin Ozlem Aydingoz / Ester Wiesnerová / Ga Young Bae / Grace-Mary Burega / Grace Herzog / Guilia Dukes / Hayley Lam / Jodie Michael / Joy HyunJu Lee/ Kari van der kloot / Leala Cyr / Linnea Lundgren / Lolivone De La Rosa / Mar Fayos / Maria Mendes / Maria Alejandra Jiminez / Marie Goetzinger / Marta Roma / Moana Avvenenti / Nadje Noordhuis / Noa Fort / Rachel Z Hakim / Sarah Marie Bugeja / Sietske Roscam Abbing / Song Yi Jeon / Tammy Scheffer / Valerie Giglio / Yulia Komo

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