Lawyers and trees

This evening I went out with Dimphna, a Dutch friend of mine who is doing her PHD at Harvard Medical School/ Dana Farber. There was live music near the prudential center, in the lobby of the Mandarin Hotel. It was very fun, and when the music ended there was a group of men. They wanted to share our high-top table. These man appeared to be lawyers. So we talked a bit about the work they did and why they were in this bar. Apparently there has been a BAR-conference in Boston, about law. So they had been talking to all the 2000 lawyers that were in town for this event and they were actually super happy to not talk to a lawyer for a change. ‘Normal’ people like Dimphna and me. The conversation went on and before I knew it I had given them the task to draw me a tree. And off I went, comparing their tree drawings and so their personality. Always good fun.

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