Workshop Mindful Improvisation

For a while – after getting my master degree as a Psychologist in the Netherlands I’ve been working in a private practice. Since I got to Berklee I have been (only) using these skills in my music using it as a tool for improvisation, so last summer I wanted to organize a workshop where people can combine mindfulness and improvisation. When I spoke with Bibi van den Dijck – a good friend of mine, we got inspired to organize a day together. Bibi is a classical trained vocalist and also teaches “free singing” to groups and individuals.

When you use music as a tool for improvisation you will notice more connection between the body and the brain. Also it very handy to be able to improvise in daily life. When people do the exercise we gave them, sometimes they would stumble upon some basic fears or habits they would have problems with in their lives. It was a super nice day, with a lot of insight and relaxation, and we will surely do it again next year!

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