ChocoJazz at the Zutphen Chocolade Festival

It has only been a year ago since Teddy and I started our ChocoJazz shows but it has taken a huge flight. Each painting is different and musically it differs what I’m playing and who is playing. It could be a brass quartet to duet or just me and an Ipad. Every time it’s different but every time our audience gets to listen, watch and taste our combination of Jazz, food and art.

Having played in the romantic small city of Zutphen in the east of the Netherlands before, we got in touch with Chocolatier and Chocolate-festival-organizer Huub Janson and his daughter Rineke Janson-Flapper. Their enthusiasm eventually lead to asking to perform at the Zutphen Chocolate festival.

From NY to Zutphen

It felt like a dream: flying to your gig back in Europe, staying in a beautiful hotel (Inntel Hotels Resort Zutphen) with the boss of the hotel treating us like a guest of honor and, most important, performing in the Old St. Walburgis Church. Performing in a church is always special because you feel the history behind it. The way the sun falls through the windows, the acoustics of the high ceiling: It all makes you feel insignificant to the whole setting.

We did two shows in the afternoon where the guests were greeted with a glass of champagne provided by Schulten Hues – Peter Gast restaurant and got to watch Teddy and me perform and create a soundscape and a huge 3 x 2 meter painting. It’s always a treat for me to see people enjoy free jazz, because they can not only listen, but see and taste it too!

I want to thank everybody who came out to our wonderful shows in the St. Walburgis church in Zutphen, the church management, Huub Janson, Rineke Janson-Flapper, Henk Holster of Inntel hotels resort Zutphen, Koppert Cress for the beautiful diverse cress, Le Nouveau Chef for Teddy’s Chef’s clothing and last but not least Schulten Hues – Peter Gast for making use of your kitchen, the champagne and the wonderful dinner afterwards we can recommend to everybody who visits Zutphen! Thank you so much!

Thank you Zutphen, You’re awesome!

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