ChocoJazz on National Japanese Television NHK

We were ready for Christmas when we got a message from Shiho; ‘NHK, Japanese Television wants do to a mini-documentary about ChocoJazz, do you have any events coming up?’ Obviously, her deadline was approaching and the holidays were approaching, but we said: “yes, we love to be featured!”

And there we went,.. filmed while going to the galleries, enjoying some art, at the Market in the Bronx, picking up some microgreens from Koppert Cress, in our home on the big blue couch and yes, during the ChocoJazz show at Der Pioneer in Brooklyn. The feature became a 6-minute Japanese introduction of our project, and here you can see it!

We want to thank all our friends as well as Bjorn and Greg from Der Pioneer, Original Beans, Le Nouveau Chef, Koppert Cress, and Catalonia Plates and of course Shiho from NHK – catch.

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