Worlds biggest musical pastry painting

The days before…

After a long trip to the Netherlands, we arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam. Although it is always nice to spend some time in my home country and see friends and family, our trip had a different purpose this time. And so, we drove to Düsseldorf. So why to Düsseldorf? Well, first of all, because it’s such a nice city with a lot of great restaurants and nice people!

But we were there for something else: Teddy was asked to invent a signature tartelette: a one-person cake, with cool flavors (in this case a ‘Manhattan Cocktail’ tartelette), that will be sold in the coming 3 months in the Original beans flagship store in “Zurheide im Crown”. When we arrived at Zurheide, Pastry chef Tjorven Jenkins finished a couple Manhattan Tartelettes. Teddy presented the small cake with the pastry team to the press, as it will be covered in German food magazines.

Sundays are for giant edible musical paintings.

On September 16th we made the enormous ChocoJazz painting at the Zur Heide Gourmet Festival in Dusseldorf. We teamed up with German piano player Florian Weber for a show of 1,5 hours to create a 40 square meter painting with haute cuisine ingredients, while Florian and Vivienne worked together improvising a musical soundscape to Teddy’s pastry brush strokes. The canvas was filled with Chocolate from Original Beans, cake, cream, gel, flowers from Keltenhof, Microgreens from Koppert Cress and was accompanied by sounds from Viv’s voice, iPad App, loop station and Florian on samples and Steinway piano. When we finished the painting was consumed by 1500 people.

Even though the Guinness Book of Records didn’t show up, we can officially say that we made the largest pastry painting in the world!!

We really want to thank everybody that helped us. Original Beans, Patrick, Nina, Marloes, Katrin, Phillip, ZurHeide, Tjorven and her pastry team, Jörg and Michaela, Keltenhof, Koppert Cress, LeNouveau Chef, Florian Weber, and of course, our parents. (My dad Peter made some amazing pictures!)

The Menu:

Lemongrass Crème Patissier
, Crème au Beurre Pâte a Bombe with St. Germain Elderflower Liquor, 
Meringue of Vodka & Yuzu
, Meringue of Lemongrass & Obstwasser
, White Chocolate Ganache with Roasted Almonds & Thyme
, Kletskop with Lemonsezte, 
Limoncello Cream with Roasted Lemonsezte, 
Chocolate Ganache of Original Beans Cusco Chunco, 
Chocolate Ganache of Original Beans Grand Cru Blend, 
White Glaçage, 
Black Glaçage, Gluten-free Chocolate Cake, 
Bergamot Glass, 
Original Beans Femmes de Virunga Glass
, Original beans Edel Weiss Mousse with Champagne
, Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Elements powered by Koppert Cress

Sechuan Cress
, Zorri Cress
, Vene Cress, 
Apple Blossom
, Citra Leaves, 
Dushi Buttons, 
Gangnam Tops, 
Sechuan Buttons
, Yka Leaves
, Venus Vase

Elements powered by KeltenHof Flowers

, Löwenmäulchen, 
, Ringelblume


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