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lips and cocoa

Vocalist and Composer Vivienne Aerts

New Album Typuhthâng out on March 3, 2023

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Vocalist, performer & composer Vivienne Aerts’ new album Typuhthâng will be released March 3, 2023 in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Together with 100 next-generation female musicians, and in collaboration with Original Beans Chocolate, Typuhthâng aims to empower the female cacao farmers of Virunga State Park in Congo and replant the rainforest.


The album features 3 sampled soundscapes made from field recordings from Virunga State Park, Congo and 6 original songs with arrangements by Vivienne, Zahili Gonzalez Zamora, Ines Velasco, Ga Young Bae, Linnea Lundgren, Camila Meza and Mariel Roberts as well as recordings by 100 female musicians from over 40 countries. Mixed by Jess Fenton and mastered by Maria Triana


The songs featured in ‘Typuhthâng’ are meant to empower women in a male-dominated industry to participate in every role of the project including performing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering. Vivienne aims to create a larger collective awareness about sustainability and female empowerment, and how we can work together to make the world a better place. 


Aerts’ music translates feelings into song and connects with people of various backgrounds on a deep and personal level with a light-hearted approach. It contains themes of self-appreciation and the ability to create your own path in life. 


“My work with Vervool, a bespoke multi-sensory experience launched with my pastry chef husband, Ted Steinebach, connected me with Original Beans Chocolate,” says Aerts. “Talking with Philipp Kauffmann, the founder, I was inspired by their passion for sustainability, The Femmes de Virunga are a cacao farm collective of 1500 women in Virunga State Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The collective, initiated and supported in 2008 by Original Beans, gave women the tools and opportunities to overcome extreme hardship and political unrest. These women, often victimized and routinely left to undertake hard agricultural labor, were empowered through literacy campaigns and leadership training, invited to cultivate cacao and set up a tree nursery. In cultivating this crop, they cultivate their communities. Continued learning, regenerative farming and stable “living wage” from Original Beans enables them to elevate their standard of living.”


“I wanted to use my music to raise awareness of this project. I wanted to use my music, not to inspire charity but to match their entrepreneurial spirit and generate business, ‘Let’s make an album that sells their chocolate.’ And of course, chocolate and music are a bit of a magical combination, right?”


The album will be available physically on cd and vinyl, and digitally. The initial pressing of 500 numbered exclusive copies comes with a bar of Femmes de Virunga Chocolate. The cover artwork is screen-printed on cacao pulp paper. The 36 pages interior booklet is printed on French paper and is designed and illustrated by Natalia Olbinski. In addition, you will get a sticker page with lips and beans! The 1st pressing of the Vinyl will be restricted to 300 units and will come with chocolate and the booklet as well. The regular edition of the album also comes with a bar of chocolate as well as the booklet. Order your copy here! 

Where Is Everybody From?

Click on the pins on the map for All Details, The Links And The Biographies From All The Women Involved!!



· Voices · Vivienne Aerts · Ajda Snyder · Claudia Obser · Cobby Brzeski · Emma J.E. Brown · Enya Lim · Erika Banks · Ester Wiesnerová · Gabbi Coenen · Helen Robertson · Isabel Wing · Jeanne Gies · Jude Heichelbech · Kari vanderKloot · Karina Pardus · Katelyn Isaacson · Katrina Reta · Linnéa Lundgren · Mar Fayos · Marie Goetzinger · Michelle Lugo · Paulina Fuentes · Rosalie Genay · Sarah Marie Bugeja · Catey Esler · Sharon Fendrich · Valentina Marentes · Virunga State Park bird sound samples Pennie Taylor.

· Voice Vivienne Aerts · flute Cobby Brzeski · voice Sarah Marie Bugeja · vibraphone Grace Herzog · flute Anggie Obin · harmonica Ella Joy Meir · piano Esin Ozlem Aydingoz · drums Jodie Michael · voice Maria Mendes · voice Rachel Z Hakim · electronics Valerie Giglio · Sansula Diana Belfor ·  voice and electronics Joy Lee ·  Machines Ruben van Megen · Virunga sound samples Pennie Taylor

· voice Vivienne Aerts · guitar Camila Meza · duduk Inna Dudukina · harp Margaret Davis · cajon Ivanna Cuesta Gonzalez · bass Adinda Meertins · harmonica Hermine Deurloo 

voice Vivienne Aerts · viola Hannah Levinson · violin 1 Lauren Cauley · violin 2 Ludovica Burtone · cello Mariel Roberts

voice Vivienne Aerts · Claudia Obser · Enya Lim · Mar Fayos · Arianne Abbestee Tammy Scheffer · Yulia Komo · Guilia Duchi · Leala Cyr · Annie van der Voort · Orihana Calcines · Rose Tang · voice and electronics Joy Lee · machines Ruben van Megen · saxophone Ayumi Ishito · Grace-mary Burega · guitar Charissa Hoffman · Lolivone De La Rosa · guitar and electronics Corrie van Binsbergen · Microtonal Koto Hidemi Akaiwa · electronics Kseniia Vasileva · Kalimba Merel Brusselers kanklės Simona Smirnova · Virunga sound samples Pennie Taylor

voice Vivienne Aerts · violin 1 Sara Caswell · violin 2 Emily Stewart · violin 3 Tomoko Omura · viola Tara Novak · bass Adi Meyerson · cello Anna Litvinenko · trumpet Nadje Noordhuis

voice Vivienne Aerts · piano Ga Young Bae · Clarinet Hillai Govreen · bass Iris Ornig · cello Marta Roma

voice Vivienne Aerts · Ester Wiesnerová · Marie Goetzinger · Elana Hedrych · Maria Alejandra Jiminez · Noa Fort · Bernadette Steinebach · Karin Aerts · Luc Reuvers · guitar and electronics Corrie van Binsbergen · vibraphone Grace Herzog · Cello Marta Roma · synth Hayley Lam · bass Moana Avvenenti· flugelhorn Nadje Noordhuis · Electric bass sounds Aubrey Ruby Rosauli Situmorang · singing bowl Libby Richman · synthesizer Marit Stolk · saxophone Susanne Alt · Susanne Bachmann · Piano strings super balls bouncing Melinda Faylor · violin Melinda Rice · Virunga sound samples Pennie Taylor 

 voice Vivienne Aerts · Flugel 1 Rachel Therrien · Flugel 2 Milena Casado Fauquet · trombone Sara Jacovino · Sax Itzel Reyna · piano Zahili Gonzales Zamora · Bass Irisley Gomez · percussion Nêgah Santos · drums Karina Colis

 · RECORDING courtesy of Pennie Taylor, who, in 2016, recorded the Pygmy peoples in Mundubiena near North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Official Music Videos for ‘Typuhthâng

Just go

Here is a video of my first single ‘Just go’ with vocal arrangement by Linnea Lundgren. It features 26 amazing singers, from all over the world. It was filmed and produced in New York, walking in Prospect Park, and driving around in Brooklyn and Manhattan in our BMW Z3. Hair and make-up by my friends Trudy and Mona. 


Voices · Vivienne Aerts · Ajda Snyder · Claudia Obser · Cobby Brzeski · Emma J.E. Brown · Enya Lim · Erika Banks · Ester Wiesnerová · Gabbi Coenen · Helen Robertson · Isabel Wing · Jeanne Gies · Jude Heichelbech · Kari vanderKloot · Karina Pardus · Katelyn Isaacson · Katrina Reta · Linnéa Lundgren · Mar Fayos · Marie Goetzinger · Michelle Lugo · Paulina Fuentes · Rosalie Genay · Sarah Marie Bugeja · Catey Esler · Sharon Fendrich · Valentina Marentes // Virunga State Park bird sound samples Pennie Taylor.


About the song:

This song is about taking chances. Originally written as a solo, it has become the biggest piece on the album. My Swedish friend Linnéa Lundgren is a magician with voices and so a natural choice as the arranger of this piece. The process was intense, Linnea imagined each voice and sang every part herself before she transcribed them and drafted the score. I was blown away when I heard her sing the first version of the arrangement. When it was fully recorded, the intensity of all these female voices made it clear that this should be the opening track. I added Pennie Taylor’s birds, recorded in the jungle of Virunga Nationalpark Congo, as a perfect compliment to this dreamy atmosphere.


“The music video for the single ‘Silence’ by Vivienne Aerts is a black and white dance interpretation by Quincie Hydock. Hydock is an up-and-coming dancer/choreographer that specializes in movement in the broadest sense of the word. Seamlessly combining styles from ballet to hip-hop, Hydock translates the soft voice, strings, and Nadje Noordhuis’ trumpet solo into an elegant play of lines and sometimes countering them; pushing the energy of the music into a different light. Although Quincie Hydock is a skilled choreographer, the dance in this video is all improvised; channeling emotion from one craft to another. Being inspired by the raw filming techniques of Andy Warhol, the video is shot by Vivienne Aerts herself, using nothing more than an iPhone.”


voice Vivienne Aerts · violin 1 Sara Caswell · violin 2 Emily Stewart · violin 3 Tomoko Omura · viola Tara Novak · bass Adi Meyerson · cello Anna Litvinenko · trumpet Nadje Noordhuis · dance Quincie Hydock · mixing Jess Fenton · mastering Maria Triana


About the song:

After I wrote the composition for ‘Silence’, Ines Velasco did the arrangement and turned it into a string ensemble. All the music was recorded remotely in the homes of the artists. “This song speaks of trust. I gave Inés complete freedom to express herself when I asked her to arrange this song. She created an interpretation for a string ensemble and I felt immediately that it hit the right spot. After all parts were recorded Jess and I mixed electronic echoes into the introduction and used other digital effects throughout the rest of the piece. I am also very proud to have my friend Nadje Noordhuis play the trumpet solo on this track. It is, for me, utterly beautiful and emotional, as is the whole song.”

Third video: You’re my morning ft. Pajarones

Vocalist, performer & composer Vivienne Aerts’ new video is a stop-motion animation featuring the “Pajarones” (Birdies) a stop-motion animation web series by Pataka productions, featuring anthropomorphic birds made out of felt, created by the Chilean duo Coty Luzoro & Kike Ortega, who made the video specially for Vivienne Aerts’ single ‘You’re My Morning’. In the series, the birds move to Santiago to study but come across peculiarities that any young Chilean student finds when moving from the province to the big city and are portrayed with wit and an urban Chilean swagger.



Composition, production & editing, and voice: Vivienne Aerts (The Netherlands)

Arrangement & Guitar – Camila Meza  (Chile) 

Duduk – Inna Dudukina  (Russia) / Harp – Margaret Davis (USA) / Cajon – Ivanna Cuesta Gonzalez (Dominican Republic) / Bass – Adinda Meertins (The Netherlands) / Harmonica – Hermine Deurloo(The Netherlands) / Vibraphone – Yuhan Su

Mixing – Jess Fenton (USA)

Mastering – Maria Triana  (Colombia)

A film by Coty Luzoro & Kike Ortega (Chile) 


About the song 

“This song is about being far away from the ones we love, but always being present. No matter how far away you are physically, you are always in my heart. I hope this song brings some support to anybody who has someone to miss. To those in long-distance relationships, husbands and wives working in different countries, or close friends not seen in a long time. Camila Meza fully understood these feelings and she created an arrangement that speaks for itself. The way that Hermine Deurloo translated this into her solo really speaks for itself. I think this music video is such a unique view on new ways of collaboration and bringing different audiences and worlds together. It was a please to work together with Coty and Kike.”

lips and cocoa

About the Artist: 

Vivienne Aerts is a Dutch New York-based vocalist, conductor, and composer with a focus on electronics and multi-sensory experience design. She studied on a Fulbright and graduated Suma Cum Laude at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) where she worked with renowned jazz artists such as Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, and John Patitucci. Since then, Vivienne has shared the stage with both national and international Jazz icons such as Lee Konitz, Kenny Werner, Chris Potter, Peter Erskine, and Florian Weber. Vivienne released her first album Roofgarden in 2009 and her second album Polaroid in 2012. Vivienne has been residing in New York City since 2015 where has performed at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Jazz Standard, Metropolitan room and Mezrow. Together with her husband she organizes events and performances under the name Vervool using jazz, haute cuisine, and modern art. 


Vivienne Aerts also works with Kenny Werner and the Effortless Mastery Institute at Berklee. Before moving to America, she graduated as a jazz/pop choir conductor and got a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology after which she worked several years as a psychologist, a teacher, and a conductor of several choirs besides performing with different bands as a singer. In 2018 Vivienne spoke at the National Fulbright conference in Mexico at two TEDx events and recorded on Kenny Werner’s 2019 Vinyl release Church On Mars with Dave Liebman, Terri Lyne Carrington and James Genus for NewVelle records.