NAF Alumni Lecture: Music Innovation at the Intersection of Business, Art and Academia

musicians room

Since a year Im member of the Netherland America Foundation Alumni Committee and this month – together with Annemarie Hagenaars – I organized a lecture about Music Innovation at the Intersection of Business, Art and Academia.

Three exciting speakers offer perspectives on Music Innovation from their own fields. Questions like; are there robots that are able to improvise with music? In what ways can performers expand their audience? Does an orchestra fit in a Brooklyn apartment? How does the music business change the way we listen to music? And what can a recording engineer add to this experience?

We had a great turn-out and it was an very informative event. Via this link you can find the pictures.

Below the speakers.

Dr. Kelland Thomas
Musician, composer, researcher and Dean of the College of Arts
and Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology
representing Music Innovation & Academia


Luke McGinnis, from The Apartment Sessions
American artist, entrepreneur, musician and producer
representing Music Innovation & Arts/Culture



Maria Triana
Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Studios
representing Music Innovation & Business

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