Sleutelstad 071 Concert

On July 16th, 2014 there was a live radio show in Leiden, Scheltema from Radio Sleutelstad Fm. There were a lot of bands performing an evening of music. I had the fortune to play with two amazing peeps: Frans Heemskerk … Continue reading 

Experiments in the Outpost

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.19.10 PM
Today I had a concert in the Outpost, in Boston. This was a concert in a series my friends organize called; four duo’s in momentum. The idea is that every concert there will be four duo’s performing that will create music on the spot, in the moment. Free music. For this concert I was asked to choose a duo partner to play with and I choose to work with Jernej Bervar, a guitarist from Slovenia that studies with me in Berklee College of music. We have been playing together, and he stayed in the Netherlands last year for a week to play some concerts with me.

When performing this experiment I used my iPad with several apps like Loopy, Moog, Synth, and Fingerjam. I must say that Jernej used his guitar to the fullest, including trying out all the weird sounds you could possibly make with a phone, your cable and your strings.

Have fun listening, but, please don’t get confused by the amazing camerawork from John Caruso 🙂