I gave Jimmy Page a high five :)

photo 3And then I was graduating Berklee College of Music. Broken elbow or not, commencement was there. Over 900 graduates from all over the world. All music related majors being the best in what they do. I have been in Berklee since January 2012 and it has been an amazing experience. Berklee allowed me to discover myself and my music, gave me the opportunity to grow while having the best mentors and teachers, and made me meet musicians and fellows from all over the world.

The ceremony started with a long wait in line (since its pretty intense to organize 900 peeps in one line so they will enter the arena in the right order)… Then there was an opening speech by the President Roger Brown. My fellow graduate Drew Krasner gave a great speech representing us, the class of 2014. Commencement is also a time when the college presents honorary doctoral degrees to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of music. This years honorary doctorates were Jimmy Page, Valerie Simpson, Geri Allen and Thara Memory. Read here a little article in the USA today.

And, of course to conclude the ceremony, all the names of the graduates were mentioned and we had to go forward to the stage to pick up the diploma and shake the hand of the honorary doctors Jimmy Page, Thara, Geri and Valerie and president Roger Brown.

Can’t believe I’m finishing up…Anyway, the ceremony you can see in the little clip below, and it’s

Here a very short clip of the ceremony, you see me walking in slow-motion 🙂

And Jimmy Page’s speech:…

And some pics:

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