Ed Saindon’s new book

Ed Saindon en ik

Ed Saindon en ik

One of my well respected private instructors in Berklee, Ed Saindon – vibraphone – has just released the first volume of his book-series. Its worth checking out. Its called the complete guide to improvisation and it codifies and explains the principal concepts and techniques used by leading improvisors from now and then. The book will be released in four volumes, containing 21 chapters total. You’ll find theory, with hands on examples and practical routines to expand and refine your skills in the art of improvisation. Topics that will be discussed in volume 1 are; chord tone soloing / tension resolution / chord scales / harmonic applications for improvisation. In the other 3 volumes it will go deeper in to different applications of approaches like using upper structure triads, four note groupings, major 7#5 superimposition, pentatonics, side slipping, symmetrical diminished super imposition, symmetrical augmented techniques.

The books are easy to work with but contain material you can work with for ever. I’ve been using the books and his material for a while now and its amazing to discover all the possibilities of his techniques. On Ed Saindons website you can find more information about his book, but also study material, and related articles.. So check it out!

More info: http://www.edsaindon.com/Books.aspx

See here a video of Ed performing:

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