My first drum lesson from Adam Cruz

2014-04-09 21.01.41Visiting artist Adam Cruz (drummer of Danilo Perez, McCoy Tyner, Tom Harrell, Chick Corea and many more) told us that every musician has to play – at least a bit – of drums. He is right. So today he gave us all his old drum sticks and showed us the first drum rudiments. How to hold the sticks and then do ‘rolls’.

First baby drum steps:

[ ]R – L – R – L
[ ]RRLR LLRL (paradiddle)
[ ]‘walk the dog’ hi-hat hits

We also had to clap different clave, and then use the clave in the left hand, and the 4/4 or the 3/4 in the right hand…to really work that independence 🙂

Time to practice now!

David Gilmore and our Berklee Global Jazz Ensemble

We performed a couple of the songs we have been working on this semester with Dave Gilmore and here are the recordings.

I’m especially happy with one of the recordings which is my original composition ‘the Concept of Falling’.
Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 12.47.35 PM

David Gilmore – Guitar and ensemble teacher.
Vivienne Aerts – Voice
Seungho Jang – Bass
Simon Budoc Moullier – Vibes
Jin Young Park – Piano
Hironori Suzuki – Drums