Desmond Tutu

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One of my teachers Joey Blake organized a circle singing evening with a special theme: forgiveness. This was and event concerning ‘Human Journey’; a new initiative co-founded by Desmond Tutu and Doug Abrams. The goal is to create events and a community to help people to “thrive on their individual journey so we can thrive on our collective human journey”. This month, the month of May is about the ‘Forgiveness Challenge’ and we had Rachel Bagby with us to sing about life and forgiveness. Rachel is a social artist and she works with innovative leaders around the globe to create earth serving change. She is also a great singer and worked with Bobby McFerrin. Our evening started with a conversation where we all shared with the group our thoughts on forgiveness. It was super interesting to hear all the different views. Then we started the circle songs, improvisations where the lead is switched randomly between the singers.

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Please check out the websites of Rachel Bagby and Desmond Tutu and share their story.