Sesame Street & Jazz

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A couple of weeks ago I saw somebody post an amazing cute little movie on Facebook. It was Sesame street. But, that was not all; it was a jazz episode! I’ve been talking with a friend of mine that has a little kid that loves to watch sesame street about the musical value that these series has. So I went on Google. Trying to find out what’s up with jazz- sesame street.

I was amazed; so many famous performers have been in their shows!

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.05.45 PMJust a bit of history. The first episode of Sesame street was in November 1969 and was meant as educational program to help kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The puppets/muppets that were used in the show were made by Jim Henson and Don Sahlin and would later shine in “the Muppet show”. By now there are more than 4000 episodes and it appears in more then 120 different countries.

I think its amazing that Sesame street uses music and especially jazz to explain simple things about life and music. I just love watching Cab Calloway, Dizzy, Diana Krall, Joe Williams, Wynton Marsalis and even Micheal Buble swing with the Sesamstreet Puppets.

Here a couple of my favorite clips 🙂

Put down the Duckie

Cab Calloway


Joe williams

Wynton Marsalis

Tony Bennet

Diana Krall

Jazz songs playlist

Jazz numbers

Jason Mraz

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