Paris – Lee Ritenour

Last week I met Lee Ritenour because he was in the jury of the Montreux guitar competition. There I was with Leandro Pellegrino, my Berklee School mate, who won the competition. Lee told us that he would be in Paris this week and invited us to his concert in the New Morning.

That tuesday I was jamming and busking on the streets in Paris, at “Paris Plage” the fake summer beach along the Seine. It was great weather and we had a view on the Notre Damme and a lot of fun. The people in Paris like music on the street and they give a lot of cash – if they like what you do.

The New Morning, where I met up with Leandro to see Lee Ritenour was packed. So many people in this relatively small place. But, we managed to stand really in the front of the room. Next to the stage. There were a lot of people that could sing along with his tunes and I found it very cool that Lee Ritenour is a real showman, like a jazz-rock star, doing the ‘Jimmy Hendricks’ now and then.

Here a couple of pictures and some links to his music.

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