My first drum lesson from Adam Cruz

2014-04-09 21.01.41Visiting artist Adam Cruz (drummer of Danilo Perez, McCoy Tyner, Tom Harrell, Chick Corea and many more) told us that every musician has to play – at least a bit – of drums. He is right. So today he gave us all his old drum sticks and showed us the first drum rudiments. How to hold the sticks and then do ‘rolls’.

First baby drum steps:

[ ]R – L – R – L
[ ]RRLR LLRL (paradiddle)
[ ]‘walk the dog’ hi-hat hits

We also had to clap different clave, and then use the clave in the left hand, and the 4/4 or the 3/4 in the right hand…to really work that independence 🙂

Time to practice now!

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