HONK & PRONK: Two days of Streetbands

On Sunday Oct 12th I went to the Honk festival in Harvard square that has been going on for a while. Three days of parade, taptoe, street and swing bands. What a blast, I was so happy that I saw the last day of the program! Then, I met a friend who told me that he would go to the PRONK festival, that would be in Providence the next day. I decided to join him and his friends. Originally the festival is held every year, and it is a very organic program that floats from one performance into the other without breaks, stops or thinking. And the Audience just follows. We started on a big field where all the bands got together and from there we walked alongside the parade that went through the city. After diner we continued at the three many stages and hopped from performance to performance. The Last concert of the evening was in the empty – parking garage under the big bridge where everything really went crazy!!! People crowdsurfing, standing on the drums, making a lot of sound… and go on! Here some video and some pictures of those two days full of live street-band music.

More info on http://providencehonkfest.org/

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